Why Students From India Should Consider Studying MBBS In Uzbekistan

A landlocked nation in Central Asia with a continental climate, Uzbekistan is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and stunning tourism destinations. Along with Russian, Uzbeks also speak their language. Numerous medical schools in Uzbekistan offer MBBS programs at reasonable tuition costs. It provides a 6-year program taught entirely in English. Additionally, exchange programs are accessible to Indian students pursuing an MBBS in Uzbekistan. The country of Uzbekistan is entire in history and culture.

Additionally, the nation provides a unique learning environment. Everyone can easily travel throughout the country because of its many convenient transportation routes. So, pick Uzbekistan as your following location if you want to study MBBS cheaply without sacrificing quality.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to an MBBS program in Uzbekistan, you should know all the qualifying requirements. This is why it’s important to remember the following:

  1. First, to get admission to an MBBS program in Uzbekistan, all applicants had to be at least 17 years old.
  2. When you apply for admission, you must already pass your higher secondary or equivalent 12th exam.
  3. You must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your three main courses during your Higher Secondary test.
  4. It would be beneficial if you received at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and an additional 50% overall.
  5. The minimum required percentage for SC/ST/OBC candidates is 40.
  6. During the admission, you must present the authorities with all necessary documentation.

Why Study MBBS From Uzbekistan?

Various variables influence your decision to pursue a degree abroad. You must assess the benefits and drawbacks of studying overseas before selecting an MBBS university. There is no valid reason you shouldn’t complete your studies in Uzbekistan since it is only three hours by air from India. Below are some valuable points to think about before filling out your application.

Quality Education: Because of its high standard of education, Uzbekistan is a preferred destination for international medical students. Because English is widely spoken worldwide and is simple for students from all nationalities to grasp, most colleges utilize it as their primary language of instruction to help students from all backgrounds overcome language barriers. Its 5-year MBBS program includes a year-long clinical rotation or internship; this procedure is comparable to that in India. This offers students enough time to prepare for licensing exams or post-graduation admittance. Students who want to pursue a profession in Uzbekistan will find it simple to do so because the nation enables its international students to practice medicine there.


Many medical students aspire to pursue their MBBS abroad, but occasionally finances become their biggest obstacle. Don’t worry; Uzbekistan’s medical schools offer several scholarships to encourage pupils. If students do well in medical courses, scholarships are given to them depending on their academic records.

Any candidate with a solid educational background but who comes from a poor home can benefit from a scholarship to lower the cost of the MBBS program.

Very Low Cost of Education: The cost of education will be the main thing to consider when comparing Uzbek medical universities to those of other countries. Most private medical institutions in India charge far higher tuition than the medical colleges in Uzbekistan. A candidate’s ability to maintain a stable financial situation during the program and have a stress-free life is made possible by the low cost of education.

International recognition: Indian medical aspirants are advised to enroll in institutions accredited by the WHO and the Indian Medical Council. The vast majority of medical schools in Uzbekistan that provide MBBS programs adhere to all international standards to meet the requirements for admission. As a result, a medical degree from Uzbekistan that is an MBBS is recognized worldwide.

Similar lifestyles to India: Because the climate, environment, and culture of Uzbekistan are identical to those of India, an Indian student finds it relatively easy to adapt to the way of life there. Although the bulk of the population of Uzbekistan is Muslim, there are also individuals of different religions and a diverse range of cultures, much like in India. Indian students can, therefore, feel at home throughout the community.

Safety of the foreign citizen: Uzbekistan is considered a safe country compared to its neighbors. Due to strict law and order, most of Uzbekistan’s cities are tiny and have low crime rates. All medical institutions’ university campuses are secure places where students can study and live in peace.

Similar food & clothing habits: India and Uzbekistan have comparable cuisine and everyday demands. Since it is closer to India, its demographic variety and cultural diversity are similar. Indians who want to become doctors are adaptable and accommodating. In the market, there are comparable veggies and other items.


The overall cost of an MBBS program in Uzbekistan is approximately Rs. 15-20 Lakhs. Indian students frequently study abroad in Uzbekistan because this country has one of the most economical MBBS programs worldwide. A few medical schools in Uzbekistan also provide inexpensive MBBS training to students.

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