Top 5 destinations for medical students in Abroad

Many students wish to pursue a career as a doctor. Every year, around 10,000 prospective Indian students travel abroad to study medicine, a number that increased by approximately 24% in 2018. Given that government institutions in India have only about 60,000 seats, the increase in the percentage of students enrolling in BiPC (PCB) each year demonstrates students’ increased interest in the medical area.

However, it is quite a common reality that becoming a doctor needs to face a great deal of competition and money. This is due to the limited number of seats available at various government colleges. Students who want to be doctors will either get enrolled in a private medical school or prefer to study abroad if they do not pass the competitive tests. In this piece, we’ll explore the top 5 destinations for medical students in India.

MBBS Abroad Eligibility

Every country (and university as well) has got its own criteria. Below are the general ones for Indian students who are looking to study MBBS abroad.

  • The student has to be over 17 years of age as of 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
  • The student must complete 12th standard of education.
  • The student must acquire an aggregate of a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from the General category.
  • The student must acquire an aggregate of a minimum of 40% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from SC/ST/OBC.
  • You must clear NEET from 2018 onwards for enrollment overseas.

Top MBBS Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

  • Ukraine

Ukraine possesses state-of-the-art disease-treatment technology. It features some of the greatest medical schools for a low cost. It has universities where Indian students can obtain their UG and PG degrees in medicine at a reasonable cost. The most significant advantage of Ukrainian universities is that most of them are recognized worldwide by organizations like the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization, UNESCO, FAIMER, and even AIMEE. The cost of living is lower, with a good return on investment in a short period of time.

Cost: INR 20 – 38 Lakhs (all-inclusive for 6 years)

  • Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country where you can pursue your medical education for between 12 and 18 lakhs. It is the most cost-effective destination for medical studies. The universities provide high-quality education in a well-equipped environment. All their colleges/universities are recognized by MCI. The eligibility to get enrolled in Kyrgyzstan is via the marks acquired in the 12th standard.

Cost: INR 17 – 24 Lakhs (whole program)

  • Russia

Europe Countries are definitely quite expensive to afford. The cost of living along with the educational expenses for an individual is relatively high. In Russia, though, things are different. In comparison to other European countries, the cost of living and educational fees are quite low here. The need for skilled and professional doctors is greatly high in Russia, which levitates the ROI in a span of time, resulting in a rapid return on investment. As a result, choosing Russia will be among the best for Indian students.

Cost: INR 18– 25 Lakhs (whole program)

  • Nepal

Nepal is one of the world’s most delightful countries. It has a similar climate to India. Indians appreciate Nepal because of its proximity to India and its pleasant climate. The most significant benefit of studying in Nepal is the ease with which one can obtain a visa. Visa and immigration processes are speedier and easier because both countries have mutual considerations. Plus, the expense for living is much lower.

Cost: INR 30 – 45 Lakhs (whole program)

  • Bangladesh

Students must pursue a distinct approach to gain admission to universities in Bangladesh. The SAARC test is required of international students. Students will be admitted to government and private colleges in Bangladesh based on their SAARC results. Though the school system is comparable to that of India, the expense of living and the charge for education are significantly higher. Regardless of the fact that the education system is quite alike here to the Indian education system, the cost of living and the charges for the medical course is really quite less.

Cost: INR 30 – 60 Lakhs (whole program)

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria and requirements, there are other country-specific rules that must be met. Indian students who want to study medicine in another country must consider a number of other aspects, the most important of which are visa and financial problems.

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