Things About Ken Walker International University

Ken Walker International University offers the highest quality educational programs based on evidence and expertise from the world’s premier western educational institutions. A cutting-edge private university founded in Georgia combines with the Emory University School of Medicine (USA) to give students the most excellent quality education, research, and experience. KWIU wants to be the global medical and dental education leader, preparing healthcare professionals for a global future. Success is ensured by skilled staff and close collaboration with renowned academic, clinical, and scientific institutions. Unique and integrated curriculum forces collaboration of modern medical education standards, with criteria considered by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). KWIU students are equipped with the most comprehensive professional abilities by integrating the core understanding of biomedical and clinical sciences, clinical skills and professionalism, research, a wide range of practical experience, and networking possibilities.

International Activity

Active internationalization activities at the University create an open academic environment for Georgian and international students, academic, invited, and administrative staff, allowing them to realize their full potential, integrate into international education and research processes, and share their experience with foreign colleagues/researchers.


The Research Development Strategy of Ken Walker International University LLC is based on Georgia Higher Education Law, the University Mission and Vision, and the University Strategic Development Plan for 2021-2027. The University’s challenge is to become one of the nation’s leading medical and educational institutions, providing students with a comprehensive, innovative, and internationally recognized legal education. Ken Walker International University’s research focuses specify two significant directions: public health and medical education. Aside from these aims, the University takes the task of advancing basic and clinical research in the country. Defining research priorities does not preclude other sorts of study. Any University employee (academic or invited staff) has the right to submit a proposal for implementation and get proper assistance from the University (given the feasibility and relevance of the study topic).

The Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology

The University has created the Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology to carry out appropriate educational programs. The faculty is the University’s core academic entity; its objective is to carry out educational programs and scientific-research activities to construct and enhance an educational environment that meets modern standards. The faculty introduced the teaching departments to provide academic support for the university educational programs, implement them correctly, improve them, organize specialized staff, and improve their professional development and coordination. The academic team is united according to the occupied academic position/discipline. The following departments are part of the Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology:

  • Preclinical Department.
  • Clinical Department.
  • Stomatological Department.

Clinical Base

Ken Walker International University is honored to be affiliated with top hospitals in Georgia. As a premier medical education institution, the medical faculty is dedicated to assisting students in laying a solid basis for future success in their medical professions

  • N.Kipshidze Central University Clinic, Ltd
  • National Institute of Endocrinology, Ltd
  • Institute of Clinical Oncology, Ltd
  • O.Ghudushauri National Medical Center, Ltd
  • Institute for Personalized Medicine, Ltd
  • Khechinashvili University Hospital, Ltd
  • Healthy Baby Med, Ltd
  • Tbilisi State Medical University and Ingorokva High Technology Medical Clinic, Ltd
  • UniDent, LTD
  • G.Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center, Ltd
  • Ken Walker Medical Rehabilitation University Clinic, Ltd
  • National Center of Otorhinolaryngology, Janapridze-Kevanishvili Clinic, Ltd
  • Center for Pediatric Surgery, Ltd
  • Pineo Medical Ecosystem, Ltd
  • TIM – Tbilisi Institute of Medicine, Ltd
  • Jerarsi, Ltd
  • Inova, Ltd
  • Jordania Clinic, Ltd
  • Tbilisi Central Clinic, Ltd
  • Kani, Ltd
  • Rustavi Mental Health Center, Ltd
  • Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center, Ltd
  • Jordania-Chikovani Clinic, Ltd
  • Sachkhere Medical Center, Ltd
  • Eliava Insitute Phage therapy center, Ltd
  • Medex, Ltd
  • Cedex, Ltd
  • Bio-denti, Ltd A1, Ltd
  • IC Dent

University Library

Ken Walker International University is led and supported by a contemporary and well-equipped University Library. It offers a variety of services and training, as well as serves as a medical science information hub. Students, postgraduates, researchers, academic personnel, and health professionals from the region and other scientific institutions mostly use its resources. Online catalogs contain information about the Library’s resources. Printed and digital resources are available in two attractive reading rooms with PC workstations and wireless Internet access.


Ken Walker International University provides excellent hostels for students. The hostels are organized into blocks. A block consists of two rooms, a bathroom, and a lavatory; each room can accommodate two to three people. Your room has already been outfitted with modern furnishings and technological appliances to assist you in planning your comfortable stay and studies! The Internet and Wi-Fi are not a problem; our hostels have a high-speed network.

Student life

The instructional methods, equipment, and technology used at Ken Walker International University are of the highest caliber. They can prepare a student for a profession in any country. There are numerous chances for students who desire to enrich their student life through various activities. A year-round recreation program includes sports, including basketball, tennis, football, skiing, and skating in the winter and swimming in the summer. Ken Walker International University students can participate in interest-based clubs and student organizations. Some examples include the Student Scientific Society, English Speaking Club, Volunteer Clubs, and many others.


The University created the Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology to implement necessary educational programs. The fundamental purpose of the faculty is to implement the University’s academic programs and scientific-research activities, as well as to construct and develop an educational environment that meets modern standards. Medicine’s educational program was based on Emory Medical School’s revised curriculum, adapted to suit European and local criteria. The program meets the World Federation of Medical Education’s primary requirements and considers the country’s specific demands.

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