Is MBBS in China cheaper than in India?

As we all know, getting into Indian private institutions is extremely difficult, and a huge number of Indian students are opting to study MBBS abroad due to a lack of seats and other concerns. In comparison to India or other places, China is the most popular destination for students interested in studying medicine. It also provides very high-quality education because all of China’s universities are government-owned. China, as the world’s second largest economy, is home to some of the world’s best medical schools. Because the country has a large education budget for research and development in the medical science field, these universities can afford to admit international students at such low costs.

For many years, China has been one of India’s closest neighbors. China has a long and rich history. Many people believe that living in China would be difficult because of some disputes with China, but the reality is quite different. Chinese people are fascinated by Indian culture and are always cordial toward Indians. They have a friendly and warm demeanor. When you visit China, you will understand that whatever you have read or heard about China is not accurate.

Every year, China increases its education spending. They help international students with their research and scholarship budgets for MBBS in China. Because all of China’s universities are government-owned, the infrastructure constructed and amenities offered in them are always kept to a higher standard. Studying medicine in China is well-known throughout the world, with more than 50 universities ranking among the top 500 medical schools in the world.

MBBS Admission procedure in China

The application process for MBBS in China is straightforward. The medical seat entrance criteria are higher secondary school level, which makes the competition for admission much easier than in any other country. To be admitted to a Chinese medical university, you must submit your 10th, 12th, and NEET mark sheets, as well as original and attested photocopies of recent passport size photos and passport copies. Furthermore, many high-quality hospitals are located near MBBS universities, providing students with numerous opportunities to practice their internship program. These hospitals provide cutting-edge medical technology that meets the highest international standards. This gives Indian students a lot of exposure to Chinese medical education and their ability to come up with fresh ideas in their field.

MBBS fees in China

Many of the top medical colleges offer scholarships, making the MBBS program very affordable. Even without the scholarships, the cost of an MBBS degree in China is very low. MBBS China fees typically start at Rs. 3,00,000/- per year, with MBBS Course Fees in China costing roughly 15 lakhs rupees for a 5-year program. It would cost roughly Rs. 18,50,000/- for the entire 5-year course if you include hostel fees and other meal expenses.

In comparison to European countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Korea, an MBBS degree in China is relatively economical. Above all, there are numerous job options. Chinese universities are world-class, with a high educational standard. This makes it a great place to study medicine in China, and the MBBS degree offered is accepted in all developed countries.

Because Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular foods in the world, MBBS in China for Indians should not be a concern. In addition to the food, the weather conditions are pleasant. Students do not have to perform the internship again in India if they finish it in China. China Medical University fees vary depending on the region and university. Studying medicine in several major cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Sichuan, is more expensive than in other smaller towns. While studying in China, the cost of living and living standards differ. The difference in MBBS course fees in China is also due to English medium education. The Chinese Ministry of Education has permitted some universities to teach MBBS in English medium. When it comes to Chinese universities, one can always anticipate world-class facilities. In general, Chinese universities require less money than private medical schools in India.

MBBS in China – Quick Glance

Capital Beijing
Climate Moderate Winter, Mild Summer
No. of Indian Students More than 20,000
No. of Medical Universities 45 English Medium Universities
Top Universities for MBBS
Zhejiang University
Nanjing Medical University
Xi’an Jiao tong University
Southeast University
Kunming Medical University
Average Living Cost Rs. 15,000/month
Application Deadlines 1st June Every Year
Eligibility 12th PCB – Above 65%, NEET Qualification


Physical education, on the other hand, is an indisputable part of the MBBS program in China. When you study MBBS in China, you will be able to learn Chinese Martial Arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Students gain credit points for participating in extracurricular activities. Before graduating from most Chinese colleges, every student must obtain at least 20 points. Bottom Line Education systems in India and China are dynamic and offer a variety of advantages. However, if you want to study medicine in a foreign country, China is the place to go for you.

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