Is it worth studying at Semey State Medical College?

Want to study MBBSabroad? You can always choose Semey State Medical University. Semey is a beautiful place located in eastern Kazakhstan on the bank of the Irtysh River. The area is about 27.5 thousand kilometers and includes three rural districts. According to the 2009 census, it is home to more than 299,265 people. The city has a continental climate and warm summer and freezing winter. The town is famous for having leading medical institutes spreading the best education to the students.

Semey State Medical Institute is the most popular university in Kazakhstan, founded in 1952. It is a non-profit institution providing education to students worldwide. It is one of the top medical institutes all over the world. The institute was first named Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute. Later on, it is renamed Semey State Medical University. The institute provides graduation and post-graduation in many subjects, including medicines, pharmaceuticals, medico prophylactic, etc. The university has its hospital and branches in Ust Kamenogorsk and Pavlodar.

The university offers education for both national and international medical aspirants. Over 3500 students are under the proper guidance of 450 well-trained teachers of Semey state medical university.

Here are some more details you need to know about Semey State Medical University.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Semey State Medical College

The advantages of studying MBBS at Semey State Medical College are as follows:

The university is recognized as the first Central Asian Government Medical Institute to conduct courses entirely in English for local and international students. Lectures are delivered in three different languages, English, Russian, and Kazakh. Students are allowed to choose according to their feasibility.

The university offers admission based on the result of NEET-UG. The admission criteria also include 12th passed along with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The university also has scientific agreements and MoU collaboration, Academicians, joint research, and scholar and student exchange with leading medical institutes worldwide.

The course fee is meager, which is 2100 USD for a compulsory 5+1(internship) course.

The university offers scholarships to full-time students for three courses for exceptional performers, including Indian students. Scholarships are provided based on some categories. The main aim of offering scholarships is to promote research, training, and cognitive operations of students and undergraduates and to support talent by nurturing students’ potential.

As this is a government university, banks and finance corporations provide educational loans for the students.

The Medical Council of India and WHO has authorized the university, allowing candidates to take the MCI screening test and practice in India. The candidates can also apply for the European Union and the United States of America for training.

The college offers a world-class infrastructure focussing more on practical knowledge than that theoretical knowledge. Education standard is of more excellent high in Semey State Medical Institute.

About 450 well-trained and highly qualified teachers are available to teach students with expertise in various fields.

The university’s degree is applicable worldwide and is recognized by WHO, the Asian Network of Quality, and the Directory of Avicenna and equalized by councils like PMDC and MCI.

The students can enjoy innovative teaching techniques, including “Problem-based learning” and “Case-based learning.” The university also has joint scientific laboratories for training and research activities.

Students can get VISA quickly along with 100%certification.

After passing the licensure test, the graduates of Semey State Medical University can practice medicine anywhere all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Canada.

International students from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, and China were admitted here to pursue MBBS in 1997. The selection process is handled jointly with the help of “TECAS,” which also serves as the official consulting partner of Semey State Medical University.

There are three hotels to provide accommodations to the students and scholars and another hostel exclusively for the international students. Hostel facilities include Sports, a Library, art, canteens, medical aids, and many more. Hotel canteens provide tasty food. Indians can get Indian foods very easily in the canteen.

The hostels are clean and have a safe environment that is pleasant for studying and staying.

The university has separate hostels for boys and girls. Special attention is provided to the security of the girls.

It provides a healthy environment for the student and allows the flow of culture as well. It also arranges for several international cooperation programs.

Semey State Medical College Students

The college has about 3500 students in various undergraduate courses and about 1000 doctors in post-graduation courses. Around 25000 students have already graduated from Semey State Medical College and work in different medical establishments and institutions throughout the world. Around 150 plus students from India enroll in the college every year. Graduates can work anywhere all over the world and can get recognition using their degrees. Around 10% of the candidates are accepted by the institution following the contractual system.

Courses offered by Semey State Medical University

The faculties offered by Semey state medical university are as follows:



Hygienic discipline

Public Health



Physiological discipline

Forensic medicine

Children disease






Infectious diseases


With potential and authoritative schools, the number of courses related to medical fields, a research center, and 3500 students and 450 professors, the college, Semey State medical college, still holds the position of 43rd in the country and 8524th throughout the world. The university also offers post-graduation to about 1000 doctors. Discipline is everything on campus. Four hundred fifty faculties of the universities include 35 doctors of science, 168 PhDs, one academician, three members of AMS RK, and 4 ANS RK. All over, it can be one of the best choices for you to pursue an MBBS.

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