How to study for MD at AMA School Of Medicine in the Philipines

The AMA School of Medicine is one of the tops and most affordable medical schools in the Philippines. It was founded in 2008 and is an integral part of AMA University. This college is located in Manila, the Philippines’ capital city. AMA College is the best institute in the Philippines for medical studies, such as MBBS. This college now has a large number of Indian students enrolled. Students can pursue a 6-year MBBS program at AMA. This entire course is designed to be taught in English. Amable Mendoza Aguiluz V Sr. is the name of his founding father.

The AMA School of Medicine has two campuses in Makati and Cavite. In India, an MD degree from AMA College is equivalent to an MBBS degree. The Medical Council of India has recognized the AMA College of the Philippines. As a result, students who have received an MD degree in the Philippines are comparable to those who have received an MBBS degree. Students must pass the FMGE examination and additional license requirements to operate as a doctor in India. Similarly, after completing some legal processes, this degree is also accepted in other nations. AMA is the most excellent destination for Indian students to finish their medical courses at the lowest possible cost.

AMA School of Medicine Admission Procedure

Students must meet the eligibility criteria to be admitted to AMASOM. Those who have completed the fundamental standards have a better probability of admission.

The following are the admission procedures:

  • Students must apply for admission through the official website or the College Office.
  • Second, students must meet with the Dean of College Secretary for an interview.
  • Students must submit the needed documentation during qualifying interviews.
  • Payment of Fees receipt.

Salient features

  • AMA is a well-known medical school in the Philippines.
  • It is placed in a large facility with an ideal learning atmosphere for pupils.
  • The program follows the most recent curriculum and relies on case studies and problem-based learning approaches.
  • It is recognized by MCI, WHO, CHED, ALOCU, etc.
  • The institution provides students with hostel facilities, including all studying and living facilities.
  • Low tuition fees.
  • Wide exposure.
  • Supportive and professional teaching members.

Scholarship for Students

The AMA School of Medicine Academic Scholarship and the Amable Aguiluz Sr. Medical Scholarship provide financial assistance to local students. AMASOM is a prestigious medical school in the Philippines. MCI, WHO, and many other well-known councils and organizations regard it as providing the most excellent medicine courses available. Their programs are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of students and current conditions. AMASOM is ranked 17920th in the world.

Why choose AMA School of Medicine

BS-MD Course Pattern

The Philippines has a distinct study pattern. The BS-MD course design allows you to study 1.5 years of BS and four years of MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the Philippines. In India, MD is equivalent to MBBS.

Cost-Effective Budget

The AMA School of Medicine in the Philippines has a flexible payment system. The University charges fees in easy installments. AMASoM’s tuition is lower than that of Indian private colleges.

Hostel and Accommodation

Furnished and large hostel rooms explicitly developed for Indian students. All modern conveniences have been installed for the student’s convenience. Boys and girls have their hostel building.


Anatomy labs for skeletal system research are available. Familiarize the students with all of the real-world practical learning. Students learn about scientific observations and conclusions.

Indian Food

There is an Indian mess on campus that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals—proper home-cooked cuisine with impeccable hygiene.

English Language

English is a foreign language many Indian students speak and write in. The directions for MBBS studies at AMASoM are written in English. The University follows a study program centered in the United States.

Admirable Climate

For Indian students, the Philippines has a great study climate. We have the same hot and humid weather as India and the same exposure as the Philippines.

Monetary Frugality

BIt is critical to be aware of your expenditures and financial priorities. It is essential to budget your living and study expenses. The Philippines also has economical college options for those on a tight budget.


It has a standard library focusing on easy reading and all academic study books, periodicals, and magazines. Students at the AMA School of Medicine in the Philippines have access to a digital library, which serves as a virtual learning resource.


The National Medical Commission and the World Health Organization have recognized the AMA School of Medicine in the Philippines. Students who have obtained an internationally recognized degree may apply for the FMGE Screening test in India.


The AMA School of Medicine (AMASoM) is the AMA Education System’s medical school (AMAES). It is housed in AMA College Makati, conveniently positioned in the center of Makati City, the Philippines’ financial and business hub, where multinational, transnational, and local firms, as well as international organizations and embassies, have offices. The AMASoM office is located on the eighth floor of the AMA College Makati.

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