5 reasons you need an MBBS Abroad consultant

Many students have the dream of studying MBBS abroad in recognized universities. While they may know about applying for foreign medical colleges or universities, professional guidance about institutions, along with countries is important.

In the age of social media and handheld devices, gathering information can be done with a click of a button any time at your convenience. Whether you are researching for the best MBBS University in Ukraine or the lifestyle of international MBBS students in Mauritius you can do it anywhere you are. So why do we still need the help of an MBBS Abroad consultant?

An MBBS Abroad consultant becomes a mediator between you and foreign medical universities while applying for studying medicine abroad. They will assist you with the documents and application processes that need accuracy and precision. Here are 5 reasons why you should use an MBBS Abroad consultant.

  1. International Applications Are Levitating

There is no doubt that students these days are looking for excelling in medical careers. This is why they apply for admission to foreign medical universities that are recognized all over the world. With so many students applying for foreign medical universities for a better opportunity, the competition is tough.

According to the 2017 State of College Admission, international applications rose 13% between fall 2015 and fall 2016 – and competition is only getting fiercer. In 2017, the international student acceptance rate for universities in the US was at an all-time low (54.5%). An MBBS Abroad consultant can help you choose a medical university according to your career goals and create the perfect application so that you stand out from the crowd. This increases your chances of getting into medical foreign universities.

  1. You’ll Acquire Individualized Attention

The best part about having an MBBS Abroad consultant by your side is the individualized attention that you get. As medical is definitely a tough subject to pursue, your school or college will never provide you such kind of individualized attention, and thus, your career may deteriorate because of it. According to NACAC’s 2016 Counseling Trends Survey, the average student-to-college-counselor ratio in a public school is 314-10-1.

That’s not a lot of time per student for the counselor to really get to know them and help the best plan for that individual student. An MBBS abroad consultant will sit with you, analyze your academic performance, and devise a plan to get admission to the foreign medical university of your choice. They may also help you to prepare for interviews in foreign universities.

  1. They Have Connections with Leading MBBS Colleges or Universities

If you want to study abroad at a medical university of your choice, an MBBS abroad consultant can help give your application an edge. They have supreme knowledge regarding foreign medical universities you’re interested in and how one can get admission to them. They will help you find medical universities that would be a great fit for you and create an application with a competitive edge so that you have more chances of getting in.

  1. They’ll Assist You Applying for Your Visa

If you want to study MBBS in another country, you’re definitely going to need a student visa. However, there is no assurance that you would acquire it without the help of professional experience and knowledge. An education consultant has enough experience to know what makes for the perfect visa application and can increase your visa acceptance chances with their in-depth knowledge of the process.

  1. They’ll Assist Save Your Time

Applying to foreign medical universities involves juggling a lot of things at once. You’d have to write theses, give tests, prepare for interviews, and much more. This can be overwhelming to handle alone. A MBBS Abroad consultant can help you be on track throughout the process to focus on the important things ensuring you are on track so you can spend more time focusing on everything else in your life.


An MBBS Abroad consultant usually represents many MBBS educational institutions, and this gives clients the opportunity to choose the appropriate medical college or university for a particular person. The student fills in the registration forms on his own, sends them to the school, transfers the tuition fees, and the consultant advises and helps how to do this in the most effective possible method, efficiently, and with the minimal chances of risk.

In case you’re looking for an MBBS Abroad consultant who can help you to get admission to different MBBS colleges or universities, get in touch with The Educational Hub. We will help you in your journey of going to a foreign university in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, or Mauritius for your medical studies and levitate your possibilities of getting accepted into the university or college of your preference.


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