All You Need To Know To Get Into A Good Medical College In India

How to Choose a Good Medical College: If you are unsure about selecting a good medical college, you are not alone. Many students are concerned about how to choose an excellent medical college. This site can assist if you’re looking for an answer to that question. All students who are unsure how to select a suitable medical college should read this entire blog.

Types Of Medical Colleges

Medical colleges and universities are classified into three types, as listed below:

  1. State or central government agencies run and administer government medical colleges and universities.
  2. Private organizations run and administer private medical colleges and universities
  3. Armed Force Medical College is a top medical college in India that trains undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students for careers in the military services.

Criteria For choosing a good medical college

You must construct selection criteria to answer the topic, “How to Choose a Good Medical College?” This will assist you in locating a suitable medical college for your continued study.

The following points must be included in your selection criteria:

  1. Is the medical college close to your home/hostel/PG?
  2. The total number of medical college students
  3. Is there a hostel at the medical college?
  4. Is the medical college able to give students high-quality, practical knowledge?
  5. The tuition fee and other medical college fees
  6. The Medical College’s Placement Policy
  7. Does the college provide transportation?
  8. Is the medical college’s regular faculty experienced and well-qualified?
  9. Are there good labs and facilities for medical students?
  10. Is the college accredited by the Medical Council of India or any recognized body?

Make A List Of All The Top Medical Colleges

  1. Make a list of colleges that meet your criteria for selection.
  2. Make use of your school teachers to learn about the best medical schools.
  3. Don’t forget to question your seniors about medical schools, especially if they are already pursuing a medical degree.
  4. Do your fair share of internet research about medical schools.

Gather Information about Your Listed Medical Colleges

Gather all the required information on the medical colleges on your list, such as the college’s environment, labs, infrastructure, library, etc. You can learn more about a college by visiting its website or liking its Facebook page.

Start Short-listing The Colleges

Colleges that do not meet all of your selection criteria should be removed from your list. You can now begin visiting the colleges on your shortlist to make a more informed decision.

Visit The Short-listed Colleges

Visit the colleges on your shortlist and inspect the essential facilities such as the college library, classrooms, labs, etc. You can also talk to the college’s lecturers and students to get any further information you require.

Check The Medical Criteria Of The Colleges

Some institutions may provide admission based on the marks or percentage you received in your qualifying exam, i.e., 12th grade. Generally, access to the country’s medical colleges, such as AIIMS, AFMC, and CMC, to name a few, is based on the rank obtained in Medical Entrance Exams such as NEET-UG, AIIMS UG Entrance Exam, or JIPMER Entrance Exam.

Check Out The CutOff Lists Of Colleges

You must research and understand the cut-offs for all the colleges you have shortlisted. Whether you wish to apply to a college that admits students based on their 12th-grade marks or percentage, you should look at the cut-off list for the last two years to see if you have a possibility of getting into that medical college.

Good Selection Tips

Here are some pointers on how to select an excellent medical school:

  1. Make no rash decisions: The decision to attend medical school is big, so don’t rush into anything. Begin ahead of schedule, so you have enough time to make an informed selection.
  2. Speak with your parents: Your parents can also assist you in making decisions. They will also conduct their study and determine whether or not a medical college is suitable for you.
  3. Choose the one at the top of your list: All of your prerequisites will be met by the colleges at the top of your list. So you can choose a college and apply to it.
  4. Do not blindly follow anyone: Even though all of your friends attend a particular college does not obligate you. Your buddies may not all have the exact requirements as you.


Being a doctor is a respectable job that necessitates a great deal of devotion and hard work. And one must not forget that a significant amount of commitment is necessary. It would require putting in a lot of hours, studying more frequently, and maintaining a strict timetable for everything. Medicine requires both passion and effort. Make sure to enroll in the course because you want to, not because someone has asked you to.

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