10 Things You Should Know Before Studying MBBS In Mauritius

Mauritius is without a doubt a dream vacation destination for people all over the world. Few people get the opportunity to study and live for five years in a beautiful country like Mauritius. Until recently, few people were aware that Mauritius has become a popular destination for international medical students seeking a high-quality education while studying in a culture that is similar to India.

While studying MBBS in Mauritius, you never feel like you’re away from India. A rising number of NEET-qualified students are choosing to study MBBS in Mauritius to begin their careers. This blog will provide you with all of the necessary information for you to begin your MBBS in Mauritius.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Mauritius

  1. There are a number of MCI-approved universities in Mauritius that provide MBBS programs.
  2. Mauritius is an English-speaking country. It’s also heavily influenced by Indian culture. Many Indians arrived in Mauritius a few generations ago. Students may notice strong linkages to India and its languages. In addition to English, many Indian languages are spoken throughout the country. As a result, when Indian students visit Mauritius, they do not feel threatened.
  3. Many medical institutions hire senior Indian professors with decades of experience in the classroom.
  4. Small groups of pupils are formed, allowing for more effective learning and instruction.
  5. In comparison to India, the cost of studying MBBS in Mauritius is lower. Furthermore, there is no need to spend additional funds on university donations in order to pursue MBBS in Mauritius.
  6. Aspirants would not feel isolated or lonely in the country because Indian culture and immigration can be found all around the country.
  7. Students will enjoy the weather and surroundings. It is a pollution-free country, so pupils don’t have to worry about becoming sick. There are various beaches, lovely landscapes, and a relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Language, cuisine, customs, and traditions are all quite similar to those of India. As a result, Indian students have an easy time adjusting to the Mauritius environment.
  9. Overall, the people in Mauritius are much friendly and easy to be friends with.

Apart from that, Mauritius colleges MBBS program is approved by the following international and national organizations:

  1. WHO – World Health Organization
  2. MCI – Medical Council of India
  3. ECFMG – Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  4. IMED – International Medical Education Directory
  5. FAIMER – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
  6. TEC – Tertiary Education Commission Mauritius
  7. USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination
  8. LMCC – Licentiate of the Medical College of Canada

Duration of MBBS Course in Mauritius

In Mauritius, the MBBS curriculum lasts about 5.5 years. Because the training follows a comparable framework provided by MCI, the curriculum is identical to the Indian MBBS program. The first four and a half years are spent in the classroom, followed by a year as an intern in one of the connected hospitals or healthcare organizations.

MBBS in Mauritius Eligibility Criteria

Although the qualifying criteria for studying MBBS in Mauritius differ from one university to the next, the following are the general requirements for enrolling in the country’s MBBS program:

  1. Students must have finished their 10 + 2 school education and received a minimum of 60% aggregate marks from a recognized board.
  2. In 12th grade, the key courses to study should be biology, physics, and chemistry.
  3. A minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 30 years is required.
  4. Must qualify NEET-UG
  5. Should have an excellent academic track record
  6. Should be in good health and be able to present the necessary documentation.
  7. Should be able to communicate effectively in English.
  8. IELTS scores are also required by some medical universities in Mauritius as one of the requirements for admission.

Document Checklist

Here is the essential document checklist that students should mandatorily keep in mind when applying for the MBBS program in Mauritius:

  1. 10th and 12th mark sheet and pass certificates
  2. NEET UG scorecard
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Documents for financial stability
  6. A Valid passport
  7. Student visa and residence permit
  8. Passport size photographs
  9. Student’s identification documents

Cost of Study

Although the cost of MBBS in Mauritius is slightly higher than in India, it is still significantly less. Furthermore, the teaching quality of medical institutes in Mauritius is excellent. In Mauritius, the average cost of studying MBBS at MCI-approved medical colleges is between 35 and 50 lakhs.


This was everything there was to know about and the reason behind pursuing MBBS in Mauritius. Do you intend to complete your MBBS degree in 2022 while studying abroad? Contact one of our Education Hub experts to help you choose the best-fit university abroad to begin your MBBS path as soon as possible.

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